The New India Assurance Company Limited, Hong Kong Branch would ask that you take the

time to read this ‘privacy policy’ carefully.


NEW INDIA ASSURANCE understands the importance of your privacy. To ensure your personal information is secure, we communicate and enforce our privacy and security guidelines according to the relevant laws and regulations. NEW INDIA ASSURANCE takes precautions to safeguard your personal information against loss, theft, and misuse, as well as against unauthorised access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction. Furthermore, we will not sell your personal information to anyone for any purposes. NEW INDIA ASSURANCE imposes very strict control and only authorized staffs are given access to your personal data.

We will only retain your personal data in our business records for as long as it is necessary for business and tax purposes as permitted by the laws. We will require our agent, contractor or third party who provides administrative or other services on our behalf to protect personal data they may receive in a manner consistent with this policy. We do not allow them to use such information for any other purposes. If you have any questions or inquiries regarding our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us.

We may change/amend this Privacy Policy at any time to incorporate change in rules and regulations. The current and updated version will be available by following the ‘Privacy Policy’ link on our website homepage at, you should check the Privacy Policy regularly for changes.

Personal Information Collection Statement

Personal information is data that can be used to uniquely identify or contact a single person. As our customers, it is necessary from time to time for you to supply us with your personal data in relation to the general insurance services and products (“the Product”) that we provide to you and in order for us to deliver and improve the customer service. This includes but not limited to the personal data contained in the proposal form or in any documents in relation to the Product or any claim made under the Product.

Your personal data may be used for obligatory purpose or voluntary purpose. If personal data are to be used for an obligatory purpose, you MUST provide your personal data to NEW INDIA ASSURANCE if you want NEW INDIA ASSURANCE to provide you the Product. Failure to supply such data for obligatory purpose may result in NEW INDIA ASSURANCE being unable to provide you the requisite Product.

The obligatory purposes for which your personal data may be used are as follows:-

  • processing and evaluating your insurance application and any future insurance application you may make;
  • our daily operation and administration of the services and facilities in relation to the Product provided to you;
  • variation, cancellation or renewal of the Product;
  • invoicing and collecting premiums and outstanding amounts from you;
  • assessing and processing claims in relation to the Product and any subsequent legal proceedings;
  • exercising any right of subrogation by us;
  • contacting you for any of the above purposes;
  • other ancillary purposes which are directly related to the above purposes; and
  • complying with applicable laws, regulations or any industry codes or guidelines.

The voluntary purposes for which your personal data may be used are any sales, marketing research, promotion of other general insurance services and products provided by NEW INDIA ASSURANCE. The personal data we intend to use for voluntary purposes are your name, your address, your phone number and email address. We cannot use your personal data for voluntary purposes without your consent.

If you do not wish NEW INDIA ASSURANCE to use your personal data for the voluntary purposes listed above, you may notify us by writing to 6 th Floor, Mancheung Building, 15-17 Wyndham Street, Central. In your notification, you must identify yourself by providing us with your full name, HK ID number, contact number, together with your policy / certificate / acknowledgement number if you have one.

In connection with any of the above purposes, the personal data that we have collected might be transferred to:

  • third party agents, contractors and advisors who provide administrative, communications, computer, payment, security or other services which assist us to carry out the above purposes in the event of a claim, loss adjudicators, claims investigators.
  •  reinsurers and reinsurance brokers;
  •  your insurance broker;
  •  our legal and professional advisors;
  •  our parent company;
  •  the Hong Kong Federation of Insurers (or any similar association of insurance companies);
  •  the Insurance Claims Complaints Bureau and similar bodies; and
  •  government agencies and authorities as required or permitted by law.

In order to confirm the accuracy of your personal data, you agree to provide us with authorisation to access to and to verify any of your personal data with the information collected by any federation of insurance companies from the insurance industry.

Under the relevant laws and regulations, you have the right to request access to and to request correction of your personal data held by us. If you wish to exercise these rights, please write to our office at 6 th Floor,Mancheung Building,15-17 Wyndham Street,Central. If you have any enquiries or require assistance with this Personal Information Collection Statement, please call us at (852) 2523 9755 (Hong Kong)